Using EDB Postgres Ark

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This course is for users new to EDB Postgres Ark who want to understand how to quickly provision and use database instances with EDB Ark, manage Postgres clusters in private cloud environments using the Ark console, and apply configuration for database resiliency. Migration and upgrade of existing databases is also covered, and participants will understand the powerful functionality available for DBaaS hybrid cloud management under the EDB Ark Platform, including the RESTful API for potential automation and integration. At the end of the class, students will understand the main features of EDB Ark and the architecture, be able to perform fast self-service database provisioning, and will know how to use the EDB Ark interface successfully for cloud-based database management activities.

Target Audience
Designed for DBAs, Developers, and Database Architects who want to learn how to provision and manage resilient Postgres database clusters in a hybrid cloud environment using EDB Postgres Ark. Suitable for users of EDB Postgres Advanced Server and PostgreSQL.