Postgres Developer Fundamentals

Course length: 
2 dny

Postgres Developer Fundamentals is a 2-day online instructor-led training that gives you the essential skills for database development in Postgres. Learn about Postgres data types, database objects, indexes, transactions, and working with connectors and drivers, with basic installation.

Target Audience: For experienced Database Developers who are new to Postgres and want to gain the essential skills required to effectively design and implement Postgres databases for applications while incorporating Postgres features.

What you will Learn: How to implement a PostgreSQL database and the fundamentals of effective database development in Postgres. The expert Postgres Trainer takes you through tables, indexes, views, stored procedures, and other database objects. Learn about techniques for designing indexes, managing transactions, and using large objects. Get an overview of standard functions, Postgres specific functions, and how to write a new database function in Postgres.


  • Experience in database development
  • Basic Knowledge of SQL
  • Familiarity with programming languages