Introduction to EDB Postgres Enterprise Manager (PEM)

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This course covers how to install and deploy EDB Postgres Enterprise Manager (PEM), which is a full-featured database infrastructure monitoring package for Postgres installations. It delivers the enterprise-class tools necessary for managing, monitoring and tuning large Postgres deployments en masse at the fingertips of DBAs and developers from a single graphical console. This course also covers how to use PEM to effectively monitor and manage your Postgres database servers. Upon completion of this course, you will be able to configure PEM and add managed Postgres Instances for monitoring. You will also be able to setup alerting and run various integrated tools for forecasting and tuning.

This class is intended for DBAs and Developers who want to keep a close watch on Postgres and EDB Postgres Advanced Server Databases activities and performance.


  • Prior knowledge of Postgres or EDB Postgres Advanced Server

It is recommended that participants complete either the Foundations of PostgreSQL Database Administration or EDB Postgres Database Administration Essentials course prior to taking this class.