Cloud Management and Administration with EDB Postgres Ark

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This course is for administrators who need to learn how to best set up and configure EDB Postgres Ark to allow for fast provisioning and for managing robust Postgres clusters. Learn how to configure and use the product's core features for greater control and visibility over database deployments in an OpenStack or AWS cloud environment. At the end of the class, administrators will be prepared to properly install, configure, and use EDB Ark for efficient implementation of database as a service in a private or public cloud. Access control, security, monitoring and troubleshooting are all covered.

Target Audience
Designed for Infrastructure Administrators, IT Operations Managers, and OpenStack or AWS Administrators who are responsible for managing the underlying infrastructure for databases in the cloud, and want to offer their users a self-service, managed database service for Postgres that offers security, availability, performance and disaster-recovery capabilities. Suitable for EDB Postgres Advanced Server and PostgreSQL deployments.