CL010 – Red Hat OpenStack Technical Overview

Course description

An overview of Red Hat OpenStack Platform

Red Hat OpenStack Technical Overview (CL010) is a series of on-demand, online videos to help you better understand the basics of cloud computing and Red Hat® OpenStack® Platform. Several online demonstrations and use cases are included.

This course is available in English (as well as closed-captioned for English), Japanese, French, German, Chinese, Spanish, Korean, and Italian.

Course summary

Through online, on-demand videos you will learn about:

  • Cloud computing
  • Red Hat OpenStack Platform
  • Compute, storage, and network in relation to Red Hat OpenStack Platform
  • High availability with Red Hat OpenStack Platform
  • Deploying Red Hat OpenStack Platform

Note: You can view all videos or only the ones that interest you. There are no hands-on labs or course completion recognition associated with this course.

Audience for this course

IT leaders, administrators, engineers, architects, and anyone else seeking a high-level understanding of Red Hat OpenStack Platform capabilities

Prerequisites for this course

There are no prerequisites for this course.

Duration 30 days

OST-104 – Openstack Administration


Course Description

The course intends to provide the participants expertise on operation and management of OpenStack Cloud environment (based on Certified OpenStack Administrator certification program).

Course Structure

The duration of the program is 20 Hours (6 hours lecture + 14 hours Hands-on laboratory) + 6 hours (2 hours theory and 4 hours laboratory) mock examination.


The participants should posses

• Basics of data centre environment – Servers and storage

• Working Knowledge of Linux

• Concepts of Computer networks

Course Syllabus

• Introduction to Cloud Architecture, Virtualization (3 hours)

• Overview of OpenStack (3 hours)

  • Architecture of OpenStack, project, services, mode of deployment, workflow.

• Deployment of virtualization environment (0+2 hours)

  • Installation and configuration of Virtualization tools (KVM)

• Deployment of Cloud (0+5 hours)

  • Installation and configuration of OpenStack

• OpenStack APIs (0+1 Hours)

  • Usage of OpenStack Horizon Dashboard, OpenStack CLI client.

• Identity management (0+1 hours)

  • Manage and create domains, projects, users, and roles, understand the differences between the member and admin roles, create roles for the environment, create and manage policy files and user access rules, create and manage RC files to authenticate with Keystone for command line use.

• Compute (0+1 hours)

  • Create and manage flavors, create and manage compute instances, generate and manage SSH keys for use when connecting to instances, access an instance using an SSH key, configure an instance with a floating IP address, create instances with security groups, manage Nova host consoles, manage instance snapshots, manage instance quotas.

• Storage (Object and Block) (0+1 hours)

  • Use the command line client to upload and manage files to Swift containers, manage permissions on a container in object storage, create and manage volumes, attach volumes to instances, create new Block Storage volume and mount it to a Nova instance, manage volume quotas, backup and restore volumes, manage volume snapshots.

• Networking (0+1 hours)

  • Manage network resources, create external/public networks, create project networks, create project routers, attach routers to public and project networks, manage network services for a virtual environment, manage network quotas, manage network interfaces on compute instances, create and manage project security groups and rules, assign security group to instance, create and manage floating IP addresses, assign floating IP address to instance, detach floating IP address from instance.

• Image management (0+2 hours)

  • Upload a new image to an OpenStack image repository, manage images, image metadata, image types.
  • Bundling, exporting, migration and porting of images.

• Mock test (2 + 4 hours)

  • Theory
  • Lab examination