Argo CD Fundamentals: A Comprehensive Guide to GitOps Deployments in[...]

Course Description

Deploy and use ArgoCD to manage applications in OpenShift.

This course provides a deep dive into the concepts and practical applications of ArgoCD and GitOps. It is designed for anyone who wants to understand how to use ArgoCD to manage their Kubernetes applications in a GitOps workflow. The course covers topics such as installation, managing applications and repositories, plugins and integrations, disaster recovery, and best practices. By the end of the course, you will have a solid understanding of how to use ArgoCD in a real-world scenario and be able to confidently deploy and manage your applications with GitOps.


Introduction to ArgoCD and GitOps

An overview of the concepts of ArgoCD and GitOps, including a description of the architecture.

Installation and Configuration

Installing and configuring ArgoCD, with real-world use cases and examples.

Managing Applications and Repositories

An explanation of how to manage applications and repositories in ArgoCD, including a discussion of projects, sync policies, tracking strategies, diffing customizations and plugins.

Remote Clusters

An overview of setting up and managing remote Kubernetes clusters.

High Availability

A dive into HA, disaster recovery, troubleshooting and best practices for using ArgoCD.

Audience and Prerequisites

Suitable for anyone looking to master the use of ArgoCD and GitOps for managing their Kubernetes applications. This includes system administrators, DevOps engineers, software developers, and IT professionals.

For best experience, participants should be knowledgeable and skilled in the following areas:

  • Basic user experience with Linux platform and CLI
  • Operational knowledge of kubernetes or Red Hat OpenShift – typical platform resources, their usage and manual management with CLI and Web tools
  • Familiarity with Git