HDP Operations: Apache Hadoop Security Training

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    This course is designed for experienced administrators who will be implementing secure Hadoop clusters using authentication, authorization, auditing and data protection strategies and tools. Download the data sheet to view the full list of course objectives and labs.

    • Prerequisites
      Students should be experienced in the management of Hadoop using Ambari and Linux environments. Completion of the Hadoop Administration I course is highly recommended.
    • Target Audience
      IT administrators and operators responsible for installing, configuring and supporting an Apache Hadoop deployment in a Linux environment.

    Day 1 – An Introduction to Security

    • Definition of Security
    • Securing Sensitive Data
    • Integrating HDP Security
    • What Security Tools to use for Each Use Case
    • HDP Security Prerequisites
    • Ambari Server Security
    • Kerberos Deep Dive
    • Setting up the Lab Environment
    • Configuring the AD Resolution Certificate
    • Security Options for Ambari

    Day 2 – Working with Kerberos and Apache Ranger

    • Enable Kerberos
    • Apache Ranger Installation
    • Apache Ranger KMS
    • Kerberizing the Cluster
    • Installing Apache Ranger
    • Setting up Apache Ranger KMS Data Encryption

    DAY 3 – Working with Apache Knox

    • Secure Access with Ranger
    • Apache Knox Overview
    • Apache Knox Installation
    • Ambari Views for Controlled Access
    • Secured Hadoop Exercises
    • Configuring Apache Knox
    • Exploring Other Security Features of Apache Ambari

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