HDP Apache Hive Training


This four-day training course is designed for analysts and developers who need to create and analyze Big Data stored in Apache Hadoop using Hive. Topics include: Understanding of HDP and HDF and their integration with Hive; Hive on Tez, LLAP, and Druid OLAP query analysis; Hive data ingestion using HDF and Spark; and Enterprise Data Warehouse offload capabilities in HDP using Hive.


Students should be familiar with programming principles and have experience in software development. Knowledge of SQL, data modeling, and scripting is also helpful. No prior Hadoop Knowledge is needed.

Course Details

Information Architecture and Big Data

  • Enterprise Data Warehouse Optimization

Introduction to Apache Hive

  • About Apache Hive
  • About Apache Zeppelin and Apache Superset (incubating)

Apache Hive Architecture

  • Apache Hive Architecture

Apache Hive Programming

  • Apache Hive Basics
  • Apache Hive Transactions (Hive ACID)

File Formats

  • SerDes and File Formats

Partitions and Bucketing

  • Partitions
  • Bucketing
  • Skew and Temporary Tables

Advanced Apache Hive Programming

  • Data Sorting
  • Apache Hive User Defined Functions (UDFs)
  • Subqueries and Views
  • Joins
  • Windowing and Grouping
  • Other Topics

Apache Hive Performance Tuning

  • Cost-Based Optimization and Statistics
  • Bloom Filters
  • Execution and Resource Plans

Live Long and Process (LLAP) Deep Dive

  • Live Long and Process Overview
  • Apache Hive and LLAP Performance
  • Apache Hive and LLAP Installation

Security and Data Governance

  • Apache Ranger
  • Apache Ranger and Hive
  • Apache Atlas
  • Apache Atlas and Hive Integration

Apache HBase and Phoenix Integration with Hive

  • Apache HBase Overview
  • Apache Ranger and Hive
  • Apache HBase Integration with Apache Hive
  • Apache Phoenix Overview

Apache Druid (incubating) with Apache Hive

  • Apache Druid (incubating) Overview
  • Apache Druid (incubating) Queries
  • Apache Druid (incubating) and Hive Integration

Apache Sqoop and Integration with Apache Hive

  • Overview of Apache Sqoop

Apache Spark and Integration with Apache Hive

  • Introduction to Apache Spark
  • Apache Hive and Spark

Introduction to HDF (Apache NiFi) and Integration with Apache Hive

  • Introduction to Apache NiFi
  • Apache NiFi and Apache Hive