AD482VT – Developing Event-Driven Applications with Apache Kafka and Red Hat AMQ Streams

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    Course description

    Develop, scale, and troubleshoot event-driven microservice applications.

    Learn to use Kafka and AMQ Streams to design, develop, and test event-driven applications. Event-driven microservices scale globally, store and stream process data, and provide low-latency feedback to customers. This course is for application developers and is based on Red Hat AMQ Streams 1.8 and Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform 4.6.

    Following course completion, you will receive a 45-day extended access to hands-on labs for any course that includes a virtual environment.Note: This course is offered as a four day virtual class or self-paced. Durations may vary based on the delivery. For full course details, scheduling, and pricing, select your location then “get started” on the right hand menu.

    Course summary

    • Describe the basics of Kafka and its architecture.
    • Develop applications with the Kafka Streams API.
    • Integrate applications with Kafka Connect.
    • Capture data change with Debezium.
    • Troubleshoot common application streaming issues.

    Audience for this course

    Application developers with microservice development experience.

    Prerequisites for this course

    • Experience with microservice application development and design, such as DO378 or equivalent experience.
    • OpenShift experience is recommended, but not required.

    Technology considerations

    BYOD classroom environment with access to the shared cluster.A cloud-based classroom environment will also be made available.

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