Data Scientist Training

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    This workshop covers data science and machine learning workflows at scale using Apache Spark 2 and other key components of a big data ecosystem. The workshop emphasizes the use of data science and machine learning methods to address real-world business challenges.

    What to expect

    The workshop is designed for data scientists who currently use Python or R to work with smaller datasets on a single machine and who need to scale up their analyses and machine learning models to large datasets on distributed clusters. Data engineers and developers with some knowledge of data science and machine learning may also find this workshop useful.

    Workshop participants should have a basic understanding of Python or R and some experience exploring and analyzing data and developing statistical or machine learning models. Knowledge of Hadoop or Spark is not required.

    The workshop includes brief lectures, interactive demonstrations, hands-on exercises, and discussions covering topics including:

    • Overview of data science and machine learning at scale
    • Overview of the Hadoop ecosystem
    • Working with HDFS data and Hive tables using Hue
    • Introduction to Cloudera Data Science Workbench
    • Overview of Apache Spark 2
    • Reading and writing data
    • Inspecting data quality
    • Cleansing and transforming data
    • Summarizing and grouping data
    • Combining, splitting, and reshaping data
    • Exploring data
    • Configuring, monitoring, and troubleshooting Spark applications
    • Overview of machine learning in Spark MLlib
    • Extracting, transforming, and selecting features
    • Building and evaluating regression models
    • Building and evaluating classification models
    • Building and evaluating clustering models
    • Cross-validating models and tuning hyperparameters
    • Building machine learning pipelines
    • Deploying machine learning models


    Participants gain practical skills and hands-on experience with data science tools including:

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