RH242 - Red Hat Linux Troubleshooting

1.720 EUR
RHEL Basic administration (RHCSA)
Course length: 
4 dny

In Red Hat® Linux® Troubleshooting (RH242), system administrators will learn techniques for troubleshooting a Linux system and how to use the troubleshooting tools available on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6. This course relates to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6. It is a heavily lab-oriented class designed to help the student learn or improve troubleshooting skills. Students will gain troubleshooting experience by debugging live, virtualized systems.


Experienced Linux system administrators who have responsibilities that include troubleshooting their enterprise Linux environment.


  • Introduction to troubleshooting techniques
  • Testing and analyzing hardware
  • Diagnosing performance issues, application, and OS interactions
  • Troubleshooting disks and file systems
  • Testing and diagnosing network configurations
  • Working with security tools like SELinux, authentication, and firewall
  • Making the most of Red Hat support resources


  • Red Hat System Administration I and II or Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) Rapid Track Course
  • RHCSA certification holder or equivalent experience
  • Have system administration knowledge under Red Hat Enterprise Linux, including:
    • Installation
    • Service management (using service and chkconfig, for example)
    • Basic system monitoring (using ps and top, and perhaps meminfo and the /proc file system)
    • File system management (using fdisk and mkfs)
    • Basic troubleshooting (including managing log files and perhaps the use of hardware probing tools, such as ethtool and lspci)