EDB Postgres Advanced Server DBA Advanced

26.000 CZK
Course length: 
2 dny

This course gives you a unique opportunity to get trained and certified on advanced database administration for EDB Postgres Advanced Server. Increase your knowledge and enhance your skill proficiency using the latest and most powerful version of EDB Postgres Advanced Server.Learn how to best fulfill the more advanced DBA responsibilities including security, database tuning and benchmarking, monitoring, setting up high availability and replication, and more. The class covers the concepts and architecture that support these more in-depth topics, along with the options available to carry them out. Also covered is how to make the best use of tools available to more efficiently perform these tasks.

This course is designed for DBAs, Architects, and Database Professionals who are responsible for ongoing and advanced administration and maintenance of EDB Postgres Advanced Server, including implementing strategic database solutions for the enterprise.


  • Basic experience in database administration
  • Intermediate knowledge of RDBMS concepts
  • Basic understanding of SQL
  • Basic experience with the use of the Linux operating system is helpful